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Area Code 335 — Here’s What It Really Stands For

Area Code 335 — Here’s What It Really Stands For

In olden times, people used to memorize oft-contacted numbers or noted them down in a phonebook to save time.

Conversely, today, we have them saved in the contact list on our phones and can just click on them to call whoever we want to.

However, we shouldn’t let the ease of the system make us ignorant of phone numbers, as well as area codes.

We can, in most cases, find out about a caller based on the area code that precedes their phone number.

This practice, however, was more common before the use of mobile phones increased.

But have you ever received a call with area code 335? Wondered where it was coming from?

In this article, we will discuss what you can tell about an area code 335 phone call. 



What does area code 335 mean?

Area code 335 is a prefix that precedes a phone number part of the North American Numbering Plan. It’s intended as a General Purpose area code but is yet to be assigned to a geographic area. If you get a phone call from area code 335, it is a spam call. There’s no such phone number as 335-xxx-xxx.



More about area code 335

Federal and state authorities in the United States are responsible for area codes in their territory.

These area codes are regulated, assigned, and overseen by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANP). 

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator has set aside a number of area codes to be used in the future and for special services such as toll-free services.

Therefore, if you receive a call from an unassigned area code, it is most definitely an unsolicited call and the caller is just spoofing the number.

You can keep a lookout for unassigned and reserved area codes and avoid receiving calls from them to save yourself from any sort of inconvenience. 

Most area codes allow one to tell where the caller is located but not all of them.

However, when you get a call on your phone number from the area code 335, you know that the caller is located in either one of the countries administered by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). 

United States, Canada, or parts of North America that include but are not limited to Caribbean islands, Bahamas, and Tobago, are all administered by the NANP.

Area Code 335 Meaning



Stay Wary of a Phone Call from Area Code 335

The ever-changing paradigm of the telecommunications industry has set aside or perhaps put on hold the use of landlines.

This is due to the integration of mobile phones into a system that worked on the module of area-specificity. 

As such, how certain special numbers that are reserved for future use or are yet to be assigned, like those with area code 335, operate may change. 

You should be wary of the fact that unassigned area codes are an indication of illegitimate callers.

Therefore, it is best if you never pick up the phone when you receive a call from such a number. 

In a similar vein, toll-free numbers also do not ensure the legitimacy of the caller.

There are many cases of swindlers spoofing the numbers to make bucks off of the unsuspecting person on the other end of the call.



How to Check Who’s Calling?

How to Check Who's Calling

Toll-free numbers mostly start from the digits 8XX. So, if you get a call from a number preceded by this area code, run it through a search to ensure that it is not a spam call. 

You can learn how to find out about the caller by reading about the meaning of area code 855. Although not impossible, checking who owns a phone number can be a rather hectic task with a very low success rate. 

This is because of the clever tactics that today’s hoaxers have been employing to deceive people.

Just the way they have been spoofing emails, they can now spoof phone numbers.

This leaves us with uncertainty about whether the phone number is really owned by the caller.

If not, then it has just been randomly generated with primarily ulterior motives.

Thus, in some cases, even blocking the number does not help because the caller could just use another number to call you.

As for numbers with area code 335, we know that they are most definitely junk calls and should be reported to the Federal Communications Commission.

Additionally, information about the owner of a phone number (like the area code 844 for example) may not be accessible due to privacy concerns.

Lastly, while you might find real and useful information on a few websites, others might just include random numbers with a mass of keywords, trying to profit off of the viewership.

Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a critical eye on whatever information is presented to you. 



What to Do if You Get a Call with Area Code 335?

The best and the most sensible thing to do would be to never receive or return a phone call from a number that starts with area code 335.

Considering that it is an unassigned number and not approved by the FCC for use yet, any call from this area code is shady. 

Reporting the call would not only make the relevant authorities aware of a discrepancy in the system but also protect you from being scammed.

The FCC itself has evaluated the complexity of the matter whereby scammers use randomly generated numbers for spoofing. 

Although filing a complaint by contacting the FCC could be of help in the long term, you will just have to dodge calls from the spammer till they give up on you, in the short term. 




There are some area codes that are not assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator.

Phone calls from these area codes, area code 335 for instance, are not safe. One must avoid them to protect their privacy and sensitive information.