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Area Code 659 — Meaning, Usage and Context

Area Code 659 — Meaning, Usage and Context

From landlines to multi-platform messaging apps like WhatsApp, the telecommunications industry has come a long way.

But one thing that remains fairly constant is the area codes that precede phone numbers.

While most area codes are assigned to specific places, some are set aside for special services which include but are not limited to toll-free services, usually starting with the digit 8.

Moreover, there are also some area codes that overlay others within certain states.

In this article, we will talk about area code 659 that overlays area code 205 in Alabama.


What is the meaning of area code 659?

Area code 659 is the prefix that precedes phone numbers and is geographically assigned to the state of Alabama. It was put into use to overlay area code 205. This worked to the effect of distinguishing phone numbers in the state with the same last seven digits. 


Area Code 659 in Detail

The North American Numbering Plan was introduced by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in the 1940s, replacing numerous local numbering systems in the US, Canada, and some other locations in North America.

According to this plan, each area was assigned a three-digit area code.

This code enabled ten-digit dialing in the aforementioned countries and allowed for cohesive functioning of call networks, without the need for operators.

However, today, not all areas have only one code designated to them— some even have two or more.

The second and other proceeding area codes are overlays of the one before them and work to allow for efficient phone traffic routing within a particular state.

Area code 659 is one such area code that overlays area code 205 in Alabama. 


What’s an Overlay Code?

An area code sharing the same geographical area as another is called an overlay area code. The introduction of overlay area codes is necessitated when all possible number combinations for the previous ones are exhausted.

As such, every time an area code’s capacity of accommodating about 8 million unique phone numbers is exceeded, a new area code is added. 

This means that a state can have more than one area code. The following area codes are operational in the state of Alabama:

  • 659
  • 205
  • 251
  • 256
  • 334
  • 938


Overlay area code 659 became operational on 12 November 2019 and has been serving Autauga County, Saint Clair County, and Choctaw County along with many others, covering West Alabama including the communities of Alabaster,  Birmingham, Center Point, in addition to various smaller communities.

Area Code 659 Meaning


How to Tell Who’s Trying to Call You from Area Code 659?

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way – a call from area code 659 is most definitely coming from Alabama. But you do not recognize the number. Who could it possibly be? 

To find out, you can search the phone number on apps available on both iOS and Android phones that help identify a caller.

You can also look it up in an online reverse phone book that gives you the name of the caller upon adding the phone number. 

But if you do not want to pay to find out about the person calling you, then the only option you have is googling the number or finding free apps or reverse phone book websites.

You can learn more about how to tell who is trying to call you by reading the meaning of area code 855.


Junk Calls from Area Code 659

There have been many instances where individuals have picked up calls from known phone numbers and had unknown people interact with them. This is a direct result of spoofed caller ids.

In the wake of strict regulation of phone numbers, crooks have now adopted special software that generates random caller ids they can use instead of their real ones.

This allows them to trick people into thinking they are getting a call from a trustworthy party–such as a government body or a business.

However, in reality, it is them faking their caller ID  in an attempt to steal your information. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you do not pick up a phone call from area code 659 just because the caller ID seems legit to you.

This is because it is almost impossible to tell if the caller ID information is not fake.  

Remember, a government official would not just call you out of the blue to ask for your account information, nor would someone in danger call you instead of the police.

So, if you sense something is off or strange when you pick up a call, that is your first sign to hang up immediately.

The most distinctive feature of an illicit call is the pressure to act on the spot.

Therefore if you feel you are being compelled into doing something, then you are probably talking to a swindler and not a legitimate party.

You can file a complaint against such spam calls with the Federal Communications Commission. 



Area code 659 is an overlay of area code 205, both of which are assigned for use in Alabama.

This overlay area code allows for more phone numbers to exist as the capacity of area code 205 to hold any more numbers has been exhausted.

The FCC has reported instances of caller id spoofing, leaving area code 659 at the risk of being negatively used at the hands of swindlers.

Thus, it is important to verify a call from an unknown number and never act immediately on a call out of pressure.

Such calls should be reported to the FCC which is responsible for the acquisition of phone numbers in the United States.