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Area Code 987 — Here’s What It Really Means

Area Code 987 — Here’s What It Really Means

You might assume that phone numbers follow a specific pattern throughout the world or at least within countries, as they all work to the same effect. Well, you are wrong.

Differences in pattern and hence non-standardization is what enable the call system to work smoothly. 

The telecommunications industry is in flux, completely transforming our methods of communication.

From space communication to that in the metaverse, we have really come a long way.

And just as quickly a toddler forgets his previous toy upon getting a new one, we have moved on from the era of landlines, or perhaps advanced from it. 

But one thing that has remained fairly constant is area codes, for they help route phone traffic in an efficient manner. 

In this article, we will talk about one such area code, area code 987, and its origins.  


What Does Area Code 987 Mean?

Area code 987 is a prefix reserved by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is a general-purpose code, which is normally assigned to a specific location. It has not been assigned for use yet, so any call from a phone number with this area code is not a legitimate call. 


What Can You Decipher About a Call Coming from a 987 Area Code?

Deciphering a Call Coming from 987

Area codes help one specify the location of their caller apart from the broader role of enabling smooth functioning of call networks.

All 3 digit area codes such as the one under discussion, 987, are part of the NANP administered by the Federal Communications Cabinet

The NANP applies to the United States, Canada, and a few other North American locations.

However, not all area codes specify locations, some provide toll-free services while others are unassigned, with the danger of being used for illicit purposes. 

Area code 987 is one such code that could be used by charlatans to spoof caller IDs.

They have come up with foolproof ways of tricking the unsuspecting victim at the other end into revealing sensitive information. 

According to the FCC, these tricksters use special software to generate random numbers that they can use for spoofing legitimate phone numbers while hiding their real numbers.

Hence, it is highly probable that the call you are getting from 987-xxxxx-xx is one of these randomly generated numbers, being used for shady calls. 

Area Code 987 Meaning


What Should I Do if I Receive a Call from Area Code 987?

It is advised that you never pick up a call from an unknown phone number, especially not from one that has not even been assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan.

Remember, an authentic caller would not hesitate in leaving you a voicemail. 

Many swindlers come up with convincing stories to bag money out of you, so it is imperative that you preferably avoid the call or treat anything they say with skepticism.

At times, these charlatans can become a nuisance and keep playing the moles you’ve got to whack as they alternate between different phone numbers to call you.

As such, even if you block the number, the problem would remain unsolved as they can continue to bother you.

However, you can still try and find out about the owner of the phone number who keeps calling you by conducting a google search, although the chances of this method being useful are slim.


Using a Reverse Phonebook to Identify Caller

Another way would be looking it up in a reverse phone book online that requires you to insert the phone number itself as opposed to typical phone books.

Unfortunately, all reliable reverse phone books online charge a fee whereas the ones that are freely available are not of much help. 

Regardless, you can always search the number in the Somos database of toll-free numbers.

This is by far the most accurate method of tracking the owner of a phone number.

Finding out about the owner of an unknown number on the internet is a rather time-consuming task but it certainly does not hurt.

You can learn in greater detail about the aforementioned ways of tracking a caller by reading the meaning of area code 855. 



You can try your luck but will probably not find information on an unofficial and illegitimate phone number like one preceded by area code 987 online.

Therefore, you cannot do much about it on your own and will have to report it to the authorities for them to look into the matter. 

Nevertheless, you can tally the area code on a spam call with a list of unassigned area codes you can easily find on the internet.

This will help you identify legitimate phone numbers, saving you from the trouble of being spammed.


Frequently Asked Questions about Area Code 987


How do I report a spam call?

You can easily report a spam call by filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission as they administer the North American Numbering Plan. However, the jurisdiction of the FCC is limited to the United States.


What to do if I am charged for a spam call?

If you are charged for a spam call, the FCC recommends that you get in touch with your network provider so they can look into the matter. 


Do all area codes have 3 digits?

No, area codes around the world have varying lengths. They are made up of one to five digits. Only areas under the North American Numbering Plan, which include the United States, Canada, and a few parts of North America have area codes consisting of three digits. 


Are all area codes tied to specific geographic locations?

No, some area codes are not for general purposes– they are not typically tied to specific geographic locations. Instead, they are reserved for special services such as toll-free services or are simply unassigned like area code 987. A few examples are area codes 844, 855, and 877