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Area Code 728 — All You Need to Know

Area Code 728 — All You Need to Know

There’s a new area code in town, area code 728!

728 is a so-called overlay area code.

Let us have a look at where this code is used and what it does.


What is Area Code 728?

Area code 728 is an overlay code for area code 561 which is used in Palm Beach County, Florida. An overlay code is a code that covers the same geographic area as another area code that is already in use, in this case area code 561. 


Area code 728 added to area code 561 — Why?

You have probably noticed that some states in the US have a lot of different area codes, while others only have a few and some states only have one single area code assigned to them.

The reason for this is obviously that the more people there are, the more area codes are needed in a certain region.

So, with that said, the exact reason why Palm Beach County in Florida needed yet another area code on top of area code 561 is that the 561 code has reached its maximum capacity of seven-digit phone numbers, which made the approval of yet another new area code (in this case 728) necessary.

Area code 728 was approved by the Florida Public Service Commission back in January 2022 already but has only been in use since the 10th of March, 2023.


Existing customers with Area Code 561 — Will they lose their number?

Existing customers in the area of Palm Beach County, Florida, with the area code 561 will keep their number.

On the other hand, new customers and lines in the area will receive the new area code 728 instead.

Area code 728 has been recently introduced because 561 is exhausted, so that overlay area code 728 has been put in place as a relief.


Other area codes in state of Florida

Florida currently has 23 area codes, with area code 728 being the latest.

With 23 area codes, Florida is one of the states with the most area codes in the United States.

California currently leads that list with an incredible 38 area codes.

Now, back to the topic.

Here’s the list with the other area codes in use in Florida, not including the newest area code 728.

  1. 239
  2. 305
  3. 321
  4. 324
  5. 352
  6. 386
  7. 407
  8. 448
  9. 561
  10. 645
  11. 656
  12. 689
  13. 727
  14. 754
  15. 772
  16. 786
  17. 813
  18. 850
  19. 863
  20. 904
  21. 941
  22. 954



Frequently asked questions about area code 728


Since when is area code 728 in use?

Area code 728 started operation on 10th March, 2023. It is an overlay area code for area code 561, which is assigned to Palm Beach County, Florida.


What is the time zone of the 728 area code?

The time zone of 728 area code is Eastern Standard Time, EST.


What region does the area code 727 cover?

Area code 727 covers Pinellas County, Florida. It covers part of the Tampa Bay area.