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States in the United States with Only 1 Area Code

States in the United States with Only 1 Area Code

Most states in the US have multiple area codes.

However, a couple of states only have one single area code.

Let us first have a look at which states that are and then let us also talk about why certain states don’t have more than one single area code.

Let’s dive right into it:


Which states in the US only have one area code?

1. Alaska – 907

2. Delaware – 302

3. Hawaii – 808

4. Montana – 406

5. New Hampshire – 603

6. North Dakota – 701

7. South Dakota – 605

8. Vermont – 802

9. Wyoming – 307



One Area Code Only — Why?

The reason why some states in the US such as South Dakato and Wyoming only have one area code is because their population is not large enough to warrant multiple area codes.

Also, the cost of introducing new area codes is expensive, so states with smaller populations may not be able to justify the cost.

The cost of introducing a new area code can vary a lot depending on the state.

Generally speaking, how much the introduction of an area code will cost, depends on the following factors:

  1. The cost of updating databases and other systems,
  2. The cost of public education and outreach.

Frequently asked questions


What state has the least area codes?

The states with the least area codes are Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming. They all just have one single area code.


How many area codes does California have?

California currently has 38 area codes.


What is an overlay area code?

An overlay area code is a new area code that is added to an existing geographic area to provide additional phone numbers for the region. It is typically used when the existing area code is running out of available numbers.


Which state in the US has the most area codes?

The state with the most area codes in the US is California. California counts 38 area codes.

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